Ayurveda is an Indian ideology of life, according to which health is considered the main value. Ayurveda identifies three types of dosha – body energy: vata, pitta and kapha. In every person there is energy of all types, but one of them prevails, as a rule. It determines the condition of the skin, body composition and general physical condition.

Knowing how the doshas are organized and which of them prevails in you, you can more harmoniously build a harmonious system of nutrition, work on your problem areas and prevent diseases to which you are prone. Together with Patima Raichur (book “Absolute Beauty”) and San Light (“The Big Encyclopedia of Ayurveda”) we tell you about the main features of each type of energy.

Vata is air and ether

Appearance: thinness, refined outlines of the figure, lack of muscle and fat mass. Hair dark, facial features thin and smoothed.

Character: sensuality, honesty, mood swings, increased anxiety. People who have predominant vata energy – creative and dreamy, but easily vulnerable.

Diet: Vata people should pay close attention to their diet, as digestive disorders can seriously affect the spiritual well-being. Ayurveda recommends to pay attention to light food and refuse grueling diets and extreme food systems.

Health: people with predominant vata energy tend to complain of dry skin and dental problems.

If you find yourself showing signs of predominant air energy, then pay attention to yoga, stretching, body & mind or body ballet. But powerlifting and long-distance running can bring imbalance and provoke deterioration of health.

Pitta – fire and water

Appearance: developed muscular corset, athletic build, sharp facial features, blond or red hair, freckles.

Character: ambitious, energetic, excessive activity, radical views and a good sense of humor. Often people with fiery energy are considered the soul of the company.

Diet: it is noticed that representatives of pitta energy prefer spicy and salty dishes. However, despite this, Ayurveda does not recommend emphasizing specific gastronomic combinations. Pay attention to simple seasonal fruits and vegetables, enjoy fresh berries, freeshes in summer. You need water for balance, and “fire” and spice are already enough.

Health: Since pitta people are not too active, you will probably need to periodically release energy, for example, through sports. However, do not overdo it – it is important not to allow aggression during exercise. For peace and well-being, try meditative practices, yoga, and water activities.

Kapha – water and earth

Appearance: large facial features, strong body, thick hair, tendency to overweight.

Character: representatives of Kapha have a calm character, natural slowness. And also, as a rule, such people often have problems with motivation – often they suffer from laziness. However, the reason for this is the desire for harmony and inner peace.

Diet: it is worth paying attention to warm dishes with a minimum of fat. Sweets, flour, fast food – all this will negatively affect the figure and provoke rapid weight gain.

Health: since people with kapha energy are prone to obesity, instead of running and aerobics they should give preference to quieter workouts. It is recommended to move more and work with a strength training program.