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Specific Queries of the Phytochemical Database

[Queries indicated in green are newer queries that search the most recent version of the database.
Note: These queries require the use of port 8080. Many firewalls are set to block this port, if you have trouble accessing these queries check your firewall.

Plant Searches

Chemicals and activities in a particular plant.
High concentration chemicals.
Chemicals with one activity.
Ethnobotanical uses.
List chemicals and activities for a plant.

Chemical Searches

Plants with a chosen chemical.
Activities of a chosen chemical.
List activities and plants for a chemical.
List common activities (synergies) for a list of chemicals.

Activity Searches

Plants with a specific activity.
Search for plants with several activities.
Chemicals with a specific activity.
Lethal dose (LD) information for a chemical.
Search for plants/chemicals with one or more activities.
Search for plants/chemicals with a superactivity.

Ethnobotany Searches

Ethnobotanical uses for a particular plant.
Plants with a particular ethnobotanical use.

Database References

Reference citations.

Browsable databases:

EcoSys Plant ecological ranges AceBrowser WebAce
EthnobotDB Worldwide plant uses AceBrowser WebAce
FoodplantDB Native American food plants AceBrowser WebAce
MPNADB Medicinal plants of Native America AceBrowser WebAce
PhytochemDB Plant chemicals AceBrowser WebAce



Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary.


Syllabus for Medical Botany Course taught by Jim Duke.

Other Databases of Interest

Taxonomic Databases

USDA Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN)

Medicinal and Poisonous Plants

U. Maryland

Moerman Database - U. Michigan

American Indian Ethnobotany Database

Plants and Cancer Treatments - U. Indiana


Nutritional Databases

USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center
Med Access Nutrition Database

Reference Database

AGRICOLA--plant genetics subset [ query | about ]

Other Links of Interest

The Cancer Chronicles

Serious Consideration of Alternative Ideas


Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy Research Group at Middlesex University

Non Timber Forest Products

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