An Annotated Bibliography of Indian Medicine

(10 April 2006)

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The bibliography can be accessed by searching or by browsing alphabetically. See the Search page for an overview of the use of diacritical marks.
     As in previous versions of this bibliography, technical Sanskrit terms and Sanskrit names of plants are appended between square brackets in their generally accepted transliteration; valid scientific names of plants are also found between square brackets in cases where no longer valid names are used by the author(s) of an article or book.
     At present the bibliography contains about 30.000 items. A number of summaries of articles from various periodicals are included. More of these summaries will be provided in the future. The bibliography will be updated regularly.

The Archives 
The Archives contain full text scientific publications about or related to Indian medicine. They may be new publications or previously published material.  Like the Bibliography, the Archives are freely accessible. 
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The author
The author of this annotated bibliography of Indian medicine is Jan Meulenbeld. 
     Visitors are invited to contribute to this bibliography by adding information about existing titles and informing the author about recent appearances. Bibliographical information preceded by (?) has not yet been checked; information about these works is especially welcomed by the author. 
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