108 Discourses of Guru Dev,
Shankaracharya Swami Brahmananda Saraswati

previously entitled 'Shri Shankaracharya UpadeshAmrita'
* श्री शंकराचार्य उपदेशामृत *
ब्रह्मलीन जगद्गुरु भगवान श्री शंकराचार्यश्रीमद्
स्वामी ब्रह्मानन्द सरस्वती जी महाराज ज्योतिर्मठ बदरिकाश्रम हिमालय

के पावन उपदेश

the Hindi booklet edited by Rameshwar Tiwari
Hindi text online - हिन्दी में
translated into English
Premanand Paul Mason
Paul Mason 2006, 2007



1 By studying a catalogue how can you become wealthy? हिन्दी में
2 It is very necessary to see Bhagavan present everywhere. हिन्दी में
3 Man certainly endures the fruits of the karma he does. हिन्दी में
4 Nowadays people understand themselves to be very intelligent. हिन्दी में
5 Finding satisfaction in anything experienced by the senses is like imagining it is good to scratch an itch. हिन्दी में
6 The effects of the actions of a brief time are endured for a long time. हिन्दी में
7 Value the human life. Act considerately. हिन्दी में
8 Your right is only in the action of karma; never desire the effects. हिन्दी में
9 When a seed is roasted then no sprouting appears. हिन्दी में
10 Making the mistake of being worldly/transmigrated then you have to fall again and again. हिन्दी में
11 Therefore the saying is that 'all is well that ends well'. हिन्दी में
12 Don't put your trust in craftiness and dishonesty. हिन्दी में
13 The enemy and the friend are only the conveyance of the effects of good and evil actions. हिन्दी में
14 If any sin is done, then by telling the effects are distributed. हिन्दी में
15 In the name of Bhagavan the strength of sin fades, so much so that wicked wrongdoings cannot be done. हिन्दी में
16 In truth Paramatma can give so much that much one could not ask. हिन्दी में
17 The theory is that man's conduct and judgement are really according to association. हिन्दी में
18 Possessed of birth-sickness, the root of that great terrible tree is desire. हिन्दी में
19 By lack of satsanga (meetings with good men) is the reason that miserliness and poor conduct spreads. हिन्दी में
20 Don't look at the defects of others, trace your own flaws up to the present and attempt to remove them. हिन्दी में
21 For as long as you are breathing, pass the time praying to Bhagavan. हिन्दी में
22 He who sings the prayers of Bhagavan, his conduct should be the best. हिन्दी में
23 If you are ready in the first place, then there will be no suffering at the time of death. हिन्दी में
24 By gaining the one Bhagavan everything is naturally obtained. हिन्दी में
25 He who protected you inside the womb protects you right now too. Do not forget him. हिन्दी में
26 However many days there is to stay, live in peace. हिन्दी में
27 Develop one's own spiritual strengths. हिन्दी में
28 Be collected in your own mind and don't get involved in any disputes about form and formless. हिन्दी में
29 Don't disgrace the position of work that you occupy. हिन्दी में
30 It is a dangerous thing to be greedy for wealth or for a woman or a son. हिन्दी में
31. Make efforts so that a relationship of oneness with Paramatma occurs in this lifetime. हिन्दी में
32. Worry is more powerful and dreadful than the funeral pyre; because the pyre is to burn the dead but worry burns the living. हिन्दी में
33. He is seeing everything that everyone does. Nobody can escape his working being seen. हिन्दी में
34. The senses and the body work only in accordance with man's mind. For this reason it is a necessity to take care of the mind. हिन्दी में
35. Few people have a siddhi, but by their greediness for siddhi a good many people are caused to get cheated. हिन्दी में
36. Showing the difference between the individual life and Paramatma (the Supreme Self) is like distinguishing between paddy and rice. हिन्दी में
37. If you wish to experience happiness and peace then don't search for outer things, only seek inside yourself. हिन्दी में
38. That which is ours cannot be another's. हिन्दी में
39. If Bhagavan did not resolve to come in the shape of an avataara then how would publicity come for bhakti yoga? हिन्दी में
40. Omnipotent Bhagavan is ready to take on the burden of all business management हिन्दी में
41. Certainly by singing bhajana of Bhagavan you will get mokSha, and you will get wealth, food, reputation and respect too. हिन्दी में
42. Only Paramatma is suitable to be with the mind, and anything else in worldly existence cannot satisfy the mind when it connects to it. हिन्दी में
43. If someone has a thirst for a seer of water then how can that thirst be quenched with a sixteenth of a seer of water? हिन्दी में
44. Apply the mind to business a little, and apply it a lot to paramaartha (salvation). हिन्दी में
45. How can the Omnipotent see his own devotees sorrowful? हिन्दी में
46. On whom the grace of Bhagavan comes, all give help to him. हिन्दी में
47. Consider this that you are always thinking about insignificant things. हिन्दी में
48. In darkness (nightime) you should sit with eye closed and do japa of the mantra हिन्दी में
49. 'Loss of the mind is defeat, mastery of the mind is success.' हिन्दी में
50. Man acts according to the desire of the mind. हिन्दी में
51. At whatever time there is attachment to worldly life then at the same moment bow in the direction of Paramatma. हिन्दी में
52. People say:- 'So-and-so mahaatmaa had fallen, so-and-so maharshhi had fallen'. हिन्दी में
53. That the mind is not inclined towards bad actions and that it flows toward good actions - this is really the man's primary effort. हिन्दी में
54. When you can be in the diamond business then why are you blackening the hand in the brokerage of coal? हिन्दी में
55. Now do such actions that do not become baggage for future suffering. हिन्दी में
56. The are many tyaagi and also there are many who are generous; but make an effort to be attached and stingy! हिन्दी में
57. In one's own life, most important is paramaartha, understand that everyday business is secondary. हिन्दी में
58. First do your own work, then help in the work of others. हिन्दी में
59. Every moment of life is very precious. हिन्दी में
60. To hope for happiness and peace by knowing saMsaara is desiring to search for light in darkness. हिन्दी में
61. Don't suffer unrest by having pointless worries. हिन्दी में
62. Why the insults and the red-coloured powder at Holi? हिन्दी में
63. The maharshhi people ate roots, tubers and fruits, and were drinking water, but had the power to command emperors. हिन्दी में
64. If the value of one shloka of the Gita is understood or even one line of the shloka is understood, then there can be happiness. हिन्दी में
65. There are various methods of remembering Bhagavan. You should understand one's own suitable methods from gurus. हिन्दी में
66. That the food is not pure is the very reason that many thoughts occur. हिन्दी में
67. The body of a human being is scarce, this is just what the shaastra says. हिन्दी में
68. In truth worshipping any of the gods is really worship of Bhagavan. हिन्दी में
69. 'Having taken one guru, another you should not' - this is all rubbish talk and is obstructive to the welfare. हिन्दी में
70. Your own house is full of rubbish and you travel to sweep the house of another, this then is not intelligence at all. हिन्दी में
71. Take a look and consider one time, who are you? हिन्दी में
72. To drink gaMgaajala (water from the River Ganga) why will you drink from the gutter? हिन्दी में
73. Some people set great measure by the magnificence of the japa of aum. हिन्दी में
74. kShatriya, vaishya, shuudra and female sex are not for the purpose of position of guru. हिन्दी में
75. The welfare of women is really only in the attachment to husband. हिन्दी में
76. The shaastra is said to be the command of Bhagavan. हिन्दी में
77. Bowing the head is to surrender one's ahaMkaara (ego) हिन्दी में
78. What do we say is a jagad.hguru? हिन्दी में
79. Meditating on insignificant things, the mind remaining in the cycle of saMsaara, he will continue to be giddy in the head. हिन्दी में
80. One does not become a mahaatmaa from clothes dyed in ochre or the mark of a tilaka. हिन्दी में
81. Take more effort in purifying the mind than in collecting wealth. हिन्दी में
82. By the fire of knowledge one's own mass of karma becomes ashes. हिन्दी में
83. To withdraw from saMsaara and to apply oneself in the direction of paramaatmaa takes effort. हिन्दी में
84. But when the wood is rubbed then it can be lit and can be used according to our wishes. हिन्दी में
85. By searching in the vegetable bazaar you will not get a diamond no matter how much you want and try. हिन्दी में
86. Chant worship of Bhagavan - whether the mind is attached or not attached. हिन्दी में
87. Is it best to experience the darshana of Bhagavan by knowledge or with the sight? हिन्दी में
88. Can anybody who is unwell become healthy from formless medicine? हिन्दी में
89. If you shall grow an acacia tree then you will really have a thorn in you, no mango will be grown. हिन्दी में
90. Which people go to hell? हिन्दी में
91. Don't get the mind excessively involved in saMsaara, apply it towards Bhagavan. हिन्दी में
92. To reach towards Bhagavan, then take the assistance of his name. हिन्दी में
93. Suffering exists only in appearance, it is not real. हिन्दी में
94. The drunk happily accepts falling in the gutter and remains there. हिन्दी में
95. The naastika (atheist) also has this wish that he is being happy and serene. हिन्दी में
96. Only maintain good manners with worldly people, they are not a basis for attachment. हिन्दी में
97. Happiness will not be being born in any caste. हिन्दी में
98. It is not proper to be wicked to the wicked, to go and be abusive to those who are abusive. हिन्दी में
99. When saMsaara is separate from you then what will you abandon? हिन्दी में
100. All the pain and all of the unrest of saMsaara (worldly existence) is really caused by aviveka (absence of discrimination). हिन्दी में
101. Self-interest is prevalent. हिन्दी में
102. Materialism is not capable of giving happiness and peace. हिन्दी में
103. 'If that is in our destiny, that is really certain that we will get it' हिन्दी में
104. By self-restraint of the senses you will be happy in your self हिन्दी में
105. Live carefully - make proper use of existence. हिन्दी में
106. To see the heavenly form of Bhagavan, celestial vision is needed. हिन्दी में
107. Don't forget that everyday business is really the way of paramaartha (salvation). हिन्दी में
108. 'By performing dharma, sin becomes destroyed.' हिन्दी में